“I’ve been practicing yoga at an intermediate level for many years. My local studio closed due to the lockdown and I started attending Suzy’s online classes, they have been a life saver! - I don’t feel like I’m missing out at all by not being able to attend a studio. Suzy has superb attention to detail and is very focused on alignment, her verbal adjustments are excellent, her knowledge of the posture is second to none and even with a full class I still feel it’s a tailored approach for me and my ability. Suzy has truly mastered the art of teaching, she’s a diligent, experienced and empathic teacher” 

“I attended a physio based yoga session with Suzy to overcome mobility issues following a serious shoulder operation, Suzy’s expert knowledge on the anatomy in conjunction with her prescribed yoga postures really helped me recover quickly, I am now back to full mobility which I feel I would not have achieved had it not been for yoga. I am dedicated to Suzy’s classes and her method of teaching”

“Suzy is a great yoga teacher whose clear and engaging teaching style ensures both beginners and more experienced students really enjoy her classes and always come away feeling they have benefitted both physically and mentally. She has a real eye for detail and even in online classes via Zoom she is able to instruct students to make adjustments to ensure they are benefitting fully from the class.”

“I have been having weekly Yoga sessions with Suzy for more than five years. I am now 89 years old and she is continually mindful of my needs and limitations and gently guides me to go a little further than I think I can each time she teaches me. I have no doubt that she has been a major contributor to my being able to maintain my strength, flexibility and posture. 

Suzanna is a wonderful Yoga teacher and an extraordinarily kind, generous and empathetic person. I cannot recommend her too strongly.”

“’Ive been attending yoga with Suzy for three years, it has totally saved my body! 

I’ve had rheumatoid disease for 28 years so keeping strong and flexible has been vital for me.

Having previously attended various yoga classes I’d become frustrated with my limitations, Suzy’s hands on approach, knowledge of the anatomy and skill is what keeps me here, plus she makes it fun! 

Yoga has strengthened my body in a way that no other exercise could, even with online classes Suzy has still delivered the same high standard of teaching, I love her style and method of teaching, she is seriously the best yoga teacher I’ve come across.”