Additional Teachers

Helen Crofts

Helen has been practicing yoga for 18 years and qualified as a teacher with British Wheel of Yoga in 2015.
Helen teaches a traditional hatha-style class, catering for mixed abilities by offering alternatives to some of the more challenging asanas which more experienced practioners may enjoy. A typical class starts with a few minutes to connect with the breath and to bring our focus fully to our practice, followed by sun salutations to limber us up, then standing postures such as the warrior poses, triangle variations and a couple of balance postures. The second half of a class comprises seated or supine postures, often with an optional arm balance for the more adventurous practitioners and we always end with a traditional 5 minutes of relaxation (shavasana)

Jill Thomas

Yoga has been a part of my life on and off since my teens and I started practicing and attending classes regularly about 18 years ago. Yoga has helped me become more flexible and connected in mind and body -both on and off the mat. I continue to be amazed and delighted by what yoga offers in understanding the mind-body connection and and the understaning this brings into every day life. 

I completed my yoga teacher training in 2017 and continue to attend weekly classes and workshops with a wide range of teachers from several different schools of yoga; all of which continue to inspire and evolve my yoga practice. I also qualified as a Dru Yoga Back Care Course Teacher in 2018.

In my classes I love to combine flowing sequencing with more static yet dynamic poses to help my students develop their own awareness and deepen their practice. The Yoga Back Care Course is a 6 week programme aimed at those with back and related issues and is accessible for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. I’m particularly keen on making yoga accessible to all. I believe that whilst ageing is inevitable - decline isn’t! Yoga is a great way to develop and maintain flexibility, strength and balance throughout our lives.